Working Method and Topology

In the EMC protocol, one way to implement accounting with Arbitrum is by using smart contracts to submit the state machine to the Arbitrum One main chain for validation and confirmation. Specifically, the EMC protocol packages the state machine into a data structure called a "commitment" and stores it in a smart contract. This process is called "submission."

Once the commitment is submitted to the smart contract, the transaction is considered completed. This process is called "confirmation."

It is important to note that in the EMC protocol, the submission and confirmation processes are asynchronous. This means that the submission and confirmation of transaction status may take some time. However, once a transaction is submitted, users can trust that it has been completed and can proceed with the next step without waiting for confirmation.

In summary, the EMC protocol is a computational solution based on the EVM ecosystem that focuses on scheduling edge computing and task allocation to improve the practical performance of decentralized networks.

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