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Computing Power as the Basis of Value: A New Era in the Digital World

Computing power as the basis of value(CPV) is a new economic concept in the digital world where the computing power of computers serves as the foundation of value. This concept originates from Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency based on blockchain technology that has attracted a large number of investors and researchers due to its decentralized and trustless nature.

The operation of Bitcoin relies on a process called "mining," where miners solve complex mathematical problems to verify the validity of Bitcoin transactions and receive a certain amount of Bitcoin as a reward. This process requires a significant amount of computing power, which becomes the basis of Bitcoin. As a result, the value of Bitcoin is no longer determined by government credit but by the computing power of miners. This computing power-based value system has become the core feature of Bitcoin.

Over time, the concept of compute power as the basis of value has started to permeate into other fields. For example, in blockchain technology, compute power is used to ensure the security and reliability of transactions. In the field of artificial intelligence, compute power serves as the foundation for implementing complex models such as deep learning. In the field of cloud computing, compute power becomes the standard for evaluating computing resources.

Pricing the Future with Mathematics and Cryptography

As the digital world becomes increasingly complex, it is essential to have a reliable system for pricing assets and transactions. This is where mathematics and cryptography come in. These two disciplines provide the algorithms and techniques needed to build a robust and reliable pricing system. Only by relying on the reliability of mathematics can a reliable and stable digital world be constructed.

The World is Undergoing Tremendous Changes, and the Only Unchanging Fundamental Scientific Law is Mathematics

The world is undergoing tremendous changes, but one fundamental scientific law remains unchanged, and that is mathematics. Mathematics is the foundation of natural science, and it is also the foundation of the digital world. Mathematics provides the algorithms and cryptographic techniques needed to build a computing power-based economy. Only by relying on the reliability of mathematics can a reliable and stable digital world be constructed.

The Development of AI has Crossed the Turning Point

The emergence of ChatGPT signifies that artificial intelligence has crossed the turning point, which is the moment when the intelligence of an AI system reaches human level. AI has demonstrated its powerful capabilities in many fields, such as speech recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, and more. The rapid development of AI will further promote the establishment of a computing power-based economic system, as only powerful computing power can support the operation and learning of AI systems.

Eliminating the Digital Divide and Centralized Monopolies

The establishment of a computing power-based economic system can provide the possibility of eliminating the digital divide and centralized monopolies. The digital divide refers to the unequal distribution of digital technology among different regions and different populations. This inequality can lead to the fragmentation and instability of the digital world. The establishment of a computing power-based economic system can provide a fair value foundation, allowing the digital world to serve people around the globe more equitably.

Centralized monopolies refer to the situation where some large companies in traditional economic systems hold the power of discourse through monopolies and dominant positions. These companies can obtain high profits by lowering costs, monopolizing markets, and other means. However, in a computing power-based economic system, these companies lose their power of discourse because computing power becomes the basis for determining value. This will promote a more equitable market, providing opportunities for more participants.

In summary, computing power has become the new era of the digital world, driving innovation and transformation. The future digital world will rely on the continuous improvement of computing power and the expansion of application scenarios, promoting the development and progress of the digital economy. At the same time, the computing power-based economic system will also provide a foundation for the fairness and stability of the digital world.

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