Proposal Submission Guidelines


The Proposal Submission Guidelines outline the process and requirements for submitting proposals to the EMC DAO. Proposals play a crucial role in influencing the development direction and decisions of the EMC ecosystem. The guidelines aim to ensure transparency, fairness, and community participation in the governance of the EMC network.

Submission Process

  1. Proposal Content: Proposals should clearly state the purpose, objectives, and expected outcomes. They must be aligned with the long-term interests of the EMC ecosystem and the broader community.

  2. Submission Channel: Proposals must be submitted through the designated platform or portal specified by the EMC DAO. The platform should support transparent and immutable record-keeping of all submitted proposals.

  3. Supporting Documentation: Proposals may be accompanied by supporting documentation, such as technical specifications, impact assessments, or any other relevant information that aids in understanding the proposal's implications. Timeframe: The submission process, including the preparation of proposal content and supporting documentation, should be completed within 1-2 weeks.

Review and Evaluation

  1. Community Review Period: Upon submission, proposals will undergo a community review period to allow all stakeholders to assess the proposal's merits and potential impact.

  2. Technical and Economic Evaluation: The EMC DAO may conduct a technical and economic evaluation of the proposal to assess its feasibility, alignment with the network's objectives, and potential risks. Timeframe: The technical and economic evaluation should be completed within 1-2 weeks to facilitate timely decision-making.

Voting and Decision-Making

  1. Voting Period: Following the review and evaluation phase, the proposal will enter a voting period during which staked $EMC token holders can cast their votes based on their respective voting power.

  2. Quorum Requirement: A minimum threshold of participation, as determined by the EMC DAO, must be met for the vote to be considered valid.

  3. Outcome Notification: Once the voting period concludes, the outcome of the proposal will be communicated to the community, and the necessary steps for implementation or further action will be initiated.

Timeframe: The outcome notification should be provided within 1-2 weeks after the voting period concludes to maintain transparency and accountability.

The Proposal Submission Guidelines are designed to facilitate an inclusive and transparent process for proposing and evaluating initiatives within the EMC ecosystem. By adhering to these guidelines, stakeholders can actively contribute to the governance and evolution of the EMC network.

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