Treasury Management Policy


The Treasury Management Policy governs the use of funds from the EMC DAO treasury, ensuring transparency, accountability, and prudent financial management. The policy aims to support the sustainable development and innovation of the EMC ecosystem while providing clear guidelines for the allocation and utilization of treasury resources.

Funding and Resource Allocation

  1. Treasury Funding: The EMC DAO treasury is funded by the issuance of $EMC tokens, with the primary objective of supporting proposals that contribute to the long-term growth and resilience of the EMC network.

  2. Resource Allocation: Treasury funds may be allocated to various purposes, including but not limited to research and development, security enhancements, ecosystem support, community proposals, and strategic partnerships.

Decision-Making Process

  1. Proposal Submission: Any member of the EMC community can submit a proposal for the allocation of treasury funds, outlining the purpose, expected outcomes, and resource requirements.

  2. Voting and Approval: Proposals for treasury fund allocation will be subject to a voting process, allowing staked $EMC token holders to cast their votes based on their respective voting power.

Utilization and Reporting

  1. Approved proposals: Upon the approval of a treasury fund allocation proposal, the necessary steps for implementation will be initiated, and the allocated resources will be utilized in accordance with the approved plan.

  2. Financial Reporting: The EMC DAO will maintain transparent and regular financial reporting, providing the community with insights into the allocation and utilization of treasury funds, thereby ensuring accountability and oversight.

Risk Management and Compliance

  1. Risk Assessment: Prior to the approval of any treasury fund allocation, a comprehensive risk assessment will be conducted to evaluate the potential impact and associated risks of the proposed proposal.

  2. Regulatory Compliance: All proposals supported by treasury funds will adhere to relevant regulatory requirements, promoting legal compliance and mitigating regulatory risks.

The Treasury Management Policy serves as a foundational framework for the responsible and strategic management of funds within the EMC DAO treasury. By adhering to this policy, the EMC ecosystem aims to foster sustainable growth, innovation, and community-driven development while upholding the principles of transparency and prudent financial stewardship.

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