Security Council Charter


The Security Council is an essential component of the EMC DAO, entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the security and integrity of the EMC network. This charter outlines the roles, responsibilities, and powers of the Security Council within the EMC ecosystem.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Network Security Oversight: The Security Council is responsible for overseeing the security measures and protocols implemented within the EMC network, including but not limited to, safeguarding against potential threats, vulnerabilities, and malicious activities.

  2. Incident Response and Resolution: In the event of security incidents or breaches, the Security Council is empowered to lead the response efforts, coordinate with relevant stakeholders, and take necessary actions to mitigate the impact and restore the network's security.

  3. Governance Proposal Review: The Security Council may review governance proposals from a security perspective, providing insights and recommendations to ensure that proposed changes do not compromise the network's security posture.

  4. Community Awareness and Education: The Security Council is tasked with promoting security awareness and best practices within the EMC community, fostering a culture of proactive security measures and risk mitigation.

Powers and Decision-Making

  1. Emergency Response Authority: The Security Council is granted the authority to take immediate and decisive action in response to imminent security threats or critical vulnerabilities, without requiring prior governance approval.

  2. Veto Power: In cases where proposed changes are deemed to pose significant security risks, the Security Council may exercise a veto to prevent their implementation, pending further review and resolution of identified concerns.

  3. Resource Allocation: The Security Council may recommend resource allocation from the EMC treasury to support security initiatives, such as audits, bug bounties, and infrastructure enhancements.

The Security Council Charter establishes a clear framework for the Security Council's operations within the EMC DAO, emphasizing its vital role in upholding the network's security and resilience. By adhering to this charter, the Security Council aims to proactively safeguard the EMC ecosystem and ensure its continued integrity and trustworthiness.

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