RWA (RealWorld Asset) DeFi is the fourth layer (Asset Layer) of the EMC ecosystem. Computing power will become a new digital asset in the Web3 world. Through the EMC protocol, the real-world GPU computing power can be confirmed for its work and workload on the EMC network, generating real and effective income. These earnings ultimately flow into the ecosystem through EMC tokens, establishing real value.

The RWA DeFi trading platform shapes the computing power and future earnings of EMC nodes into digital assets, providing better liquidity for the entire ecosystem. It also offers more flexible and efficient financial tools for computing power providers, such as computing power staking loans and crowdfunding for node building.

EMC establishes a computing power RWA trading market by investing in and incubating Compute DAO, providing EMC token rewards. For more information, refer to the Compute DAO whitepaper.

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