Current status

105M DIP20 testnet tokens have been minted for staking and rewards on the testnet. They can be converted to ERC20 protocol tokens at a ratio of 2.1:1 after the official token minting.

The TestNET is running smoothly and can be verified through POC and rewarded. Computing power nodes have implemented AI applications to demonstrate the effectiveness of the EMC network.

The smart contract has implemented three functions: node registration, reward distribution, and subscription. There are over 500 computing power nodes, 10 validation nodes, and 6 routing nodes.

Open source and EMC Foundation launched.

Q3 2023 Eco-Rewards

EMC network will use POW to pay rewards to miners. The addition of miners will increase computing power, and eco-developers can subscribe to computing power by EMC tokens to develop various AI applications. This will further unlock the potential of the ecosystem and attract more end-users to use it. Empowering community leaders through tokenization to build, promote and maintain their communities will become crucial. Developer and user rewards can facilitate the building of powerful community-based moderation systems and continually create new application ecosystems. Adoption can be driven by rewarding users for creating AI content and sharing it with friends and family. Rewards can be used in various creative ways due to the unique governance of EMC.

HK IDC GPU clusters launch, support AI training. EMC Real-time Dashboard launched. EMC Hub offers API services for AI models. Developers can create their own AI applications easily and elegantly by calling the model interface and computational resources through AI API, and they only need to pay 30% of the traditional GPU cloud's computational cost.

Q4 2023 EMC hub

EMC's official token will be generated on the ERC20 protocol, providing contract services for the conversion of DIP20 testnet tokens into official tokens.

EMC hub aims to establish three markets: computing power market, AI model repository, and application market. The launch of the computing power market will activate trading rewards. EMC hub supports multi-chain recharge, and the recharged digital assets will be exchanged into $EMC in real time.

Prototype development of the first EMC AI workstation, featuring built-in node agents and EMC hub.

Staking and governance launched.

Computing power will be traded as an RWA digital asset through USDT. This will further add new financialized digital assets to the web3 world. In addition, the opening of financial derivatives trading for computing power, such as computing power futures and staking, will attract more cryptocurrency funds.

Q1 2024 Eco-Expansion

EMC GPU clusters network expansion to US & Europe. Web3 SDKs & APIs - develop, deploy, manage DApp on EMC.

The AI Model repository will provide a large number of AI applications and training tools, enabling them to create AI production environments on the decentralized network. This will also help miners earn a portion of developer rewards, as this behavior will greatly save the deployment costs of AI developers. Developers can subscribe to suitable computing power nodes in the computing power market, choose suitable AI models, and publish the final developed applications to the DApp market to earn income. Developer rewards will encourage a large number of creators to publish high-quality AI applications and APIs on the EMC hub, while consuming a large amount of computing power on the EMC network, increasing network utilization. The EMC hub will form a strengthened and upgraded decentralized HuggingFace, seamlessly connecting computing power providers, developers, secondary creators, and end users to form a commercial closed loop. In addition, the EMC hub will provide audit and evaluation services for applications and tools to ensure that all applications and tools published on the platform are of high quality. This will help establish a reliable decentralized ecosystem.

The EMC token is also considering entering public trading on CEX exchanges.The potential listing of EMC on CEX exchanges will also increase its accessibility to a wider audience.

Q2 2024 User Growth

Global Partner Program to the establishment of sales channels for AI workstations.

Full expansion of EMC ecosystem, developer and user community.

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